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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Katharine Hepburn: A Life in Pictures

This is not actually a book review --

I'm only going to be sharing with you some of my favorite pictures from a picture book of Katharine Hepburn I bought recently. (It's in this book haul). It has some very nice pictures and I got it for a good price, so overall it was well worth it and I enjoyed it. And besides, this will be a tamer change of pace from yesterday's rant (by the way, I hope no one thinks I hate the stars I talked about in yesterday's post.... I most certainly do NOT. I LOVE Audrey and Bogie -- I mean, she's on my bedroom wall and I named my chinchilla after him! - and I think Marilyn and James Dean are good actors... . it's not really about the stars exactly, I'm just trying to make a point.)

(The name of the book is the same as the post title). Since I scanned these from the book, I still obviously don't own them but ... considering I didn't find this on Google Images or anything, if you want to use them I'd appreciate if you could link back to my blog. :)


Kate as a child growing up in Connecticut - isn't she adorable??

Kate taking a dive. I think this is a pretty cool picture, and I love how it was taken mid-dive.

Kate as a STREETWALKER in 1930's New York!

A studio portrait. I really like this photo and I think she looks quite pretty in it.

Okay, so I'm making this a bit bigger so you can see the stars in it. I swear, this is like my favorite of them all. This is a bunch of stars from MGM (including Lucy - you can see the blazing hair, first row! Also: Spencer Tracy, Van Johnson, Red Skelton, Greer Garson, Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Esther Williams...) with studio head Louis B. Mayer on his birthday, and there's a cake, too! I LOVE it. It's like, a class picture... see if you can spot the stars ;)

This wouldn't be complete without a picture of Kate and Spence. The book is actually lacking in photos of this couple, which is it's only downfall. But out of the ones provided this publicity still for "Adam's Rib" is definitely my favorite.

Hehe... Kate biking around the studio lot. That's so... Kate like!

Kate having a drink with Clark Gable. I don't know but I have this big thing for photos of really awesome people with other really awesome people -- maybe that's why I love the MGM photo so much!

This is probably for "Pat and Mike," but I think she played tennis in real life, too.

Okay, so, I think this may be in a tie for my favorite with the MGM picture.
These are the shoe shapes of famous women. The names are written on each clog, but if you can't read, from top to bottom it's: Marlene (wow, she had tiny feet!), Kate, Ava, Bette, Rita, Audrey, the Duchess of Windsor, and Ingrid - and I LOVE the fact that Ingrid's is the biggest of them all. ;) I have pretty big feet too so it makes me feel better, lol.

Kate in later years, back in Connecticut, picking flowers. :)


Yeah, well, I hope you enjoyed my little photo essay. If you like them, maybe I'll do more in the future because I own several picture books.

Oh, and by the way, today is the last day of the "Which Old Hollywood book should I read next?" poll. It closes later today. With nine votes cast it looks as if Lauren's autobiography is going to win, but there's still time left to pull your favorite up! ;)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Katharine Hepburn, so I very much appreciate you putting those photos up here. I think that in the picture where she's walking in NYC, she looks a bit like the character Anna Draper, from Mad Men (I don't know if you watch it or not). I, too, love to see awesome people together in a photo (or film for that matter), so thank you for this treat.

Brandie said...

I received this book recently as a birthday present, and while it does include some gorgeous photos, I was a little disappointed at the many errors in the book. Some of the photographs are mislabeled and there are mixed-up dates and other erroneous tidbits of information. It's sad that such a beautiful tribute to Kate is marred by editing mistakes! :(

Rianna said...

Classicmovies - Hi, I'm glad you love Kate as much as I do! It seems like we have similar tastes in actresses. I don't actually watch Mad Men, but I Googled Imaged Anna Draper and I agree, what with the bangs and all she looks very much like Kate! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Brandie - I have noticed the same thing that a lot of these picture books have strange errors... for example, I bought a picture book of Elizabeth Taylor that claimed Debbie Reynolds was in "Little Women." Totally disappointing! I did not read all of the captions of the photos, but I wouldn't be surprised. However, it did have gorgeous photos and I got it for only five dollars, so.... but true. What a lovely tribute it would have been otherwise! :)

Meredith said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures! Even with the errors, I plan on purchasing since I love Kate.

Rianna said...

You're welcome :) And yes, it has some pretty gorgeous pics. If only they could get their facts straight! ;)

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