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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Hi everyone,

So, about two days ago when I was already all excited over my Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award, and began tagging all of you, after I finished my post I discovered that Craig of the forever entertaining Blame Mame had tagged me for an award, too - The Liebster Blog Award!

How cool is that???!!!

So, the rules for this one are a little simpler. I must tag 3 - 5 of you, particularly those of you that have less than 300 followers, I believe. (And totally deserve more.) So... here goes.

For the Liebster Blog Award, I will be tagging:

1) Meredith of Forever Classics
2) Natalie of In the Mood

So, I'm sure you already know why these blogs (and the other eleven blogs I tagged in my last award) are so wonderful and stuff. So be sure and click the link and follow them... because they're just really wonderfully written and always entertaining! :)

And once again, thank you SO much, Craig. Everyone be sure and go over and follow him at Blame Mame, too. I would totally tag you back for this award, but it would be kind of pointless seeing that you just won it....

I'd also like to say a quick "hello" to my new followers! I got a bunch of them ever since this award giving began and that's so AWESOME! So, hello and welcome to Frankly, My Dear. I hope you enjoy! :)

Tomorrow I'm going to be changing for the first time what's "playing" at the drive-in, and I'll also be giving you my Sunday Movie Review. It will be on "Splendor in the Grass" - I also saw "The Nanny" (the movie with Bette, not the TV show... there's a big difference! :P), and though I really loved Bette in it.... it was kinda way too creepy.

Before I leave, I found this charming little picture.... OH! I just can't come up with the perfect caption for this one. But it made me lol, alright.

In case you're confused, that's Ingrid with her first husband, Peter Lindstrom (on the right) and her second husband, Roberto Rossellini (on the left). When this picture was taken, the caption was something like "the Lindstroms with visiting friend", but by now we all know that Ingrid would leave Lindstrom for this "visiting friend" - and have his child in the process.

What a tangled web we weave.

Well, I'm off to tag the Liebster winners.  So long for now!


Irene Palfy said...

Congratulations!! (also to all bloggers you awarded!) I - for sure - enjoy your blog! ;")

Rianna said...

Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoy! I just found "And then they start to sparkle," and I'm really enjoying myself. What a lovely blog!

Meredith said...

Thank you! :)

Emily said...

Thank you Rianna! Made my day. Keep up the great blog!

Rianna said...

Meredith - You're welcome :)

Emily - You're welcome! Thanks, you too :)

StanwyckFan said...

Thanks so much, Rianna! Sorry it took me so long to comment.

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