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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reflecting Back on Lucytenniel

Okay, so I hope you all don't mind me talking about Lucy just a little bit more this week.... Yesterday, August 6th, was Lucytenniel and it was so amazing and literally one of the best days ever, so I felt the need to just reflect back on it a little!

The first thing was I participated in my first blogathon. "The Loving Lucy Blogathon," hosted by True Classics, was so fun to be a part of! My blog was only one of so many that honored Lucy... and I got to read so many different, interesting posts about the most intriguing aspects of Lucy's life, career, even her radio show! Also, I got to read touching personal tributes with people expressing their love for Lucy... It was just so great.

Besides that, I finally got some traffic to my blog! I got a couple comments and, according to my newly installed hit counter (see the sidebar), I got a few visitors. That's totally great! Thanks for commenting/visiting, and I hope you'll subscribe or come back and visit Frankly again.

I was so happy with the way the media turned out for Lucytenniel. Especially television, because it totally owes her! One of my personal favorites was the Google homepage. If you didn't catch it, here's a screenshot:

You could move the little dial for six different clips of Lucy - from "We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me" to the famous candy scene in "Job Switching."

Needless to say, I adored it! I seriously wish it was like that all the time. Maybe they'll make a webpage for it, like some past animated Google Doodles.

"Lucille Ball" was top searched on both Yahoo and Google (her keyword was "on fire", accordingly!), which filled me with childish pride - on Google, it was quickly followed with "I Love Lucy." I heard about Lucytenniel on all the major news stations, and there were dozens of articles from news services everyplace - not to forget TCM's 24 hour long block of movies devoted to her (I tuned in for most of them), and Hallmark's marathon for her, which is all weekend long.

I'm glad she's remembered. Isn't it kind of amazing? She died 22 years ago, but everyone still loves her and thinks of her... on her 100th. <3

Another highlight of this most awesome day was the success of my Youtube video. I posted it a little bit before 1 AM on August 6th. It had 25 views by then. When I checked in the morning, it had reached 225 - and as I refreshed the page, it had hit 250. Last night, when 24 hours were completed, it was raging at 572 (I think), and now, as I check, is nearly at 800 with 792 views and 25 likes (and 0 dislikes). You're amazing, Lucy! I also discovered, after curiously searching the title of my video, that it's been shared by just random people who happened to come across it on Youtube on Facebook... 29 times, I think. So awesome! Wonderful to be a part of the spreading of the Lucy love.

How did I celebrate Lucytenniel? I kept up with the TCM marathon through, and through - and on my laptop enjoyed other Lucy tributes... then I talked my dad into watching "The Facts of Life" with me... no, not the TV show (though I do enjoy a visit to Peekskill), but the 1960 movie with Lucy and Bob Hope. I also tuned in for "I Love Lucy" on several occasions, of course, and on my DVR I have "Panama Lady" (too early in the morning for me!), "Miss Grant Takes Richmond" (I came in just for the ending), and "The Affairs of Annabel" (too late at night... 3 AM.)

I was just dizzy with all the Lucy love!

Last night on ABC news, the anchor said, "Today is a big day for anyone who loves Lucy." And it sure was.

Before I leave you, I found this totally awesome video on Youtube, starring Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck (best friends, if you didn't know), set to Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (TGIF)." It's always cool to see old movies set to modern songs (I plan on doing one pretty soon... stay tuned!), and this one is just perfect and amazing, lyric to lyric.

And finally, some classic movie humor for you that I picked up when rewatching the "The Long, Long Trailer." Towards the end of the movie, when Lucy and Desi are taking that perilous flight up the mountain, they're trying to make some (very nervous) short talk about a book Lucy was reading. Apparently, she stopped reading it because they had seen the movie.
LUCY: It had what's-his-name in it... You know, he was married to the beautiful brunette girl who likes squirrels?
DESI: Michael Wilding?
LUCY: Yeah, him.
I really lol'ed at this. And if you're puzzled, Michael Wilding was married to Elizabeth Taylor - AKA, the beautiful brunette girl who likes squirrels.

Well, I think I'll go and catch the rest of that Hallmark marathon, so I'll say goodbye for now. But Lucytenniel was amazing, wasn't it? Happy birthday, Lucy!



Mommy said...

Yeah Doll, I know how it was yesterday ...I was with you through and through it. Hehehehehehe. I love how well you write. Love you babes!!!


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