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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo of the Day || Greer Garson

Happy Birthday, Greer!
Not a very original photo, but I thought she looked chic and lovely in this.

Today is Greer Garson's birthday. Not knowing enough about her to write a full birthday post (and, like I said, I thought I did too much of that this month, in addition to the Deborah Kerr birthday blog I'll be writing for a blogathon), I wanted to talk about her a little anyway. ;) Greer would be a 107. You want to hear something shameful? I haven't even seen a Greer film in completion! Yes... not even "Mrs. Miniver." (I know, I hang my head in shame). Well, actually, I came quite close - a couple of months ago "Mrs. Miniver" was on On Demand (a service to watch movies on instantly) for free, and I jumped right into but wasn't more than twenty minutes in when I had to stop it. Of course, it's in my Netflix queue and I'll be watching it quite soon. And then last week on Walter Pidgeon's birthday (how ironic that their birthdays are about  a week apart!) they were showing a Greer/Walter film on TCM called "Scandal at Scurrie." I watched it from someplace in the middle and onwards to the end, and I loved Greer in it and when I discovered her birthday was today, well, I had to write about her.

 So something I promise to do in the next weeks or so is to watch a Greer Garson movie (most importantly, or firstly, "Mrs. Miniver" and "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"). And then hey, I'll come and review it! Also, I shared one of my favorite Greer stories (that has to do with Lucy and Claudette Colbert, as well) in Claudette Colbert's birthday post earlier this month. You can read it here.

That's all for today. By the way, I'm thinking of doing what would be a ten part series called "I Just Want to Write About ---". It would be ten posts, and each individual post would focus solely on one of my top ten favorite actresses. I guess I would just write about what I like about her and what makes her a special actress, etc. - I'll try not to be repetitive... I just think it would be a nice tribute; also, the ten posts would be spread out over a period of time, not ten days in a row and there would be a variety of posts in between.

I also need to write my post for the Bette Davis Contest hosted at Film Classics - since Bette is in my top ten, perhaps I could enter my "I Just Want to Write About---" post about her into the contest! Perhaps. We'll see. ;)

That's it. Happy birthday, Greer, and I'll see everyone tomorrow at the Darling Deborah Blogathon (Waitin' On a Sunny Day)... =)


Anonymous said...

The first movie of Greer Garson's I saw was Random Harvest; I went in to it not really knowing anything about it including the name and looooved it. Strangely enough, I manage to connect the plot and title several months to a year later, and I have rewatched it twice including recently during the summer under the stars celebration, and I highly recommend. My mom thought it was great too; I don't think she remembered watching it with me before but she did at least partially that first time.

I also enjoyed Good-bye Mr. Chips when I saw it during a TCM tribute to 1939 a couple of years ago; it just so happens that both Chips and Random Harvest are by the same author. I haven't seen Mrs. Miniver or any other Greer Garson films, but I can recommend both these two.

And lastly before I leav: I apologize for writing novels in your comments section. Not literally, but you get my drift.

Bette said...

Wow! You should so watch some more!!! I love her and I would recommend you start with Mrs Miniver and Random Harvest is beautiful too. Just wanted to take this chance to say that I love your blog!!! Keep it up!!!


Sophie said...

You must watch Mrs. Miniver and Random Harvest immediately! ;D Maybe I'm a bit biased as, after Deborah, Greer is my favourite. I only have two of her films left to watch *weeps*. As well as the two films I just mentioned, I also recommend checking out Madame Curie, Blossoms in the Dust, The Valley of Decision, and, if you're feeling up to a bit of fantasmagorical ridiculousness, I recommend Julia Misbehaves :D

P.S. If I don't comment on your Darling Deborah blogathon post today, it's not because I'm ignoring it, it's because I've gone away for the weekend. I'll try to get online to read your post though - I look forward to it!

Rianna said...

@Stefmagura - I have to watch Random Harvest, too. It seems like everyone really enjoyed that and I think my dad liked it, too. So I definitely have to see that one and Mr. Chips, too! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't seen "Mrs. Miniver", then, I feel somewhat better. ;) Oh, no, I don't think it's a novel and besides, I love getting long comments!

Bette: I know, I need to, don't I?? I'm going to see those two very quickly. They both sound really wonderful. :) And thank you so much! I love yours, too!

Sophie: Hahaha, I think they're going to be like the next thing I watch now. ;) I've also been wanting to watch Julia Misbehaves, I think Elizabeth Taylor is in that as well. Or maybe I'm just imagining that... lol. So I'll totally have to see that! Oh and that's fine, thank you for hosting this blogathon for Deborah! :)

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