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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! ♥

Hello readers,

I'm having a great day. I discovered that I got one of the leads in the school play, and it also happens to be Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays! 

Though now I'd probably have to list Christmas as my favorite holiday, when I was a little kid Halloween was my favorite. Trick or treating always seemed so exciting - though, to be fair, it was never the candy I cared about. Yes, I love candy (I'm a confessed chocoholic), but for me it was more fun to dress up and just that I had the opportunity to run around the neighborhood at night, in the cool Autumn air, thrilled me.

I still love Halloween, only now that I'm older and not trick or treating, you kind of grow out of the fun of it. But I still love the spookiness, the crisp Autumn air (all the snow has melted, but it's still nice and chilly outside), snatching candy and seeing all of the neighborhood dressed up in costumes and decorations (though let's be fair: my neighborhood is a little on the dull side. A pumpkin and maybe a wreath of glittery leaves is enough to cause excitement).

Anyway, in honor of Halloween I did a review for one of those classic, cheesy, but still fun horror flicks for yesterday's SMR (you can read it here) and today here's my attempt at scrapping up some Halloween/classic movie related stuff.

A lot of these photos have been circulating around the blogosphere lately for Halloween; nothing really original but it's hard to find Halloween/classic movie stuff so I gave it my best! :) 

Lucy! <3

Joan Crawford

Judy Garland

Pier Angeli for Halloween.
Happy Halloween! x

Pier Angeli

Debbie Reynolds (sorry for the blurriness!)

Carole Lombard, Clark Gable and company [they're dressed up, so I guess it counts as a Halloween photo..]

Carole and Vivien with black (well, blackish for Vivien..) cats.

And, one of the most awesome Halloween stories ever about Lucy, told by her daughter, Lucie Arnaz --



Carmen said...

Wow! Joan Crawford sure looks strange. I didn't recognize her. Oh, I loved the Carole-Clark photo. I actually love any picture of them together!!

Halloween must be a great holiday. We don't celebrate it here. Well, actually we do, but it's merely globalization stuff so I'm against it because it has no historical sense or anything, and we are loosing our own tradition. Here, we have a similar ancient celebration that comes from indian cultures, and it casually is one day after Halloween!! It's called Día de Muertos, which means Day of the Death. We don't trick or treat, but we do different fun stuff, and decorate everything with yellow flowers called sempasuchil. Yeah, that must sound weird to you. haha.

Anyway, Happy Día de Muertos from here and have a happy Halloween there!!

Rianna said...

Yes, Joan's picture isn't exactly flattering. I must admit, though, she totally seems to be in the Halloween spirit! :D Love Clark-Carole too. For sure one of my favorite off screen couples.

Halloween is great, especially when you're little and trick or treating. I understand what you mean, people think of Halloween as typically an American holiday. I don't know if it originated here, but it certainly seems to be most popular here and I get why you would feel that you were losing your own tradition.

However, Day of the Dead sounds pretty fun to me! (And not weird. I mean, Halloween is so bizarre when you think of it.. begging for candy from strangers? lol :D ) I have heard of it, I used to take Spanish class (before my teacher was replaced by a computer, AKA Rosetta Stone) and my teacher used to tell us about it. I remember things like picnics in graveyards and sugar skulls. But, maybe my memory has lost me and I'm just thinking of American stereotypes... so feel free to correct me :)

A little late, but happy Dia de Muertos to you, too! :)

Carmen said...

You are right. There are picnics in the graveyards. I don't do them because I live in a big city, and, let's say, I don't have a graveyard around the corner. There are sugar and chocolate skulls. Legends are told, and a special kind of colorful altars with food, fruits and flowers decorate many houses. It's a lot of fun

Rianna said...

Sounds really wonderful to me! And I like that you can celebrate the lives of the dead and honor their memory at the same time - and in a way that is far from gloomy or depressing. (Plus, chocolate skulls. Like I said, chocoholic.. lol!)

Jessica P. said...

These are so cute! I'd never seen the one of Pier Angeli or Judy Garland before. Thanks for sharing! :)

Rianna said...

Thank you, Jessica! I'm glad you liked them. :)

beachgal said...

The photo of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard was taken at Marion Davies' beach house in Santa Monica - and it was a circus theme party - not a Halloween party - she gave elaborate costume parties often -- that's her 'boyfriend' on the far right - media mogul Wm. Randolph Hearst - the man standing up in the ringleader costume is director Mervyn LeRoy

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