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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Link Love ♥

I really love this quote. I love the randomness of Natalie's asking it, and the answer that only Bette Davis could get away with saying. 

Yesterday kicked off the Bette Davis Remembrance Contest at Film Classics. My entry is Larger than Life: The Bette Davis Story. This season is going to be fun because all the "competitors" are teenagers - which is so ironic, because, you know there aren't exactly gabs of us around ;) But that's one of the best things about blogging for me, getting to know that there are other people close to my age who love classic movies.

And my "rivals" also happen to be some of my favorite bloggers - Natalie from The Swing Mood and Bette from Bette's Classic Movie Blog! So please take the time to go over to Film Classics (just click the link given back there), read all the entries and be sure and vote! Don't forget to read them all because Natalie and Bette have cooked up some really awesome articles. :) A simple enough procedure, right?

Today I'm going to do a little tidbit I have seen other bloggers do called "Around the blogosphere", though here it'll be called Link Love. These bloggers (Laura's Miscellaneous MusingsClassic Movie BlogNoir and Chick Flicks) I believe do a weekly feature where they pluck their favorite classic links or articles from around the blogosphere. I thought it would be fun to do this today, though I don't plan on making it a weekly feature or anything because it's simply too hard to pick my "favorite articles" out of all the awesome blogs written through the week. I guess I'll just do this on occasion, when I feel like giving some Blog Love (and it's been a while that I've gotten to do that).

So here are just a few of my favorite links over the past few weeks. Some are articles, others are contributions to blogathons, pictures, and even some graphics.

  Bette from Bette's Classic Movie Blog sums up her "Spotlight on a Character Actress" series with everyone's favorite character actress, Thelma Ritter. I mean, who doesn't love Thelma? 

♥ I've already mentioned this (and have taken part in it), but be sure and go over to Carole and Co. and check out the blog entries celebrating Carole's 103rd.

♥ This is slightly older than the other blog entries, but I enjoyed it so I thought I'd share: Craig of Blame Mame examines dolls styled after Classic Hollywood actresses. Quite fascinating, and even though I'm too old to play with dolls now I'd certainly like to own some of them.

♥ I think I'll insert some Barbara Stanwyck awesomeness here. Check out this picture of Stany shared by Natalie from In the Mood. Also, congratulations Natalie on being accepted into the LAMB!

♥ Viv and Larry kicks off 31 Days of Oliviers, a festival of Vivien and Larry posts every day from now until Viv's November 5th birthday. With my increasing obsession of the two, I'm looking forward to it.

Meredith of Forever Classics continues on with her decades MEME posts, this week's featuring the 1940's.

♥ Irene and Monty from And Then Start to Sparkle are sharing "It could happen to you" posts each day in October, about classic actresses who suffered from and/or survived breast cancer. (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month).

♥ Audrey from Fedoras and High Heels discusses her favorite "Dick Van Dyke Show" episodes in her contributions to Thrilling Days of Yesteryear's blogathon for the show.

♥ In lieu of Buster Keaton's birthday earlier this week, Maria from Film Flare shares some fun Buster birthday graphics.

♥ Don't forget to vote at the review, video, and colorization contests hosted by Film Classics. ;)

Also, congratulations to those blogs that have been nominated for the 2011 CiMBA Awards - some of my favorite blogs have been and I'm thrilled for them!

That's all for this edition of Link Love. I'll do it at random times, perhaps when I feel like blog loving, or if there are some really interesting blogs. Oh, and by the way, there are so many blogs I love that I tried to keep it to a minimum, so if I didn't share a link from your blog it's not because I don't love it only I wanted to keep this post from going on for forever!

And since the word "love" so surely intertwines itself with my favorite actress of all time (who has everything to do with that word), here's some Lucy Love:

Pulled from one of my favorite tumblrs. Click the link.

That's it for now. I have a long weekend, so I'm off to enjoy it!!! Have a happy weekend!


StanwyckFan said...

Thanks for loving my blog (my epic picture of the Stanwyck). And thanks for the congratulations. :)

Bette said...

Thanks for linking me! Love the new link love series :-)


Craig Wingard said...

I do enjoy these type of post. Thank you so much for featuring one of my articles!

Maria Sofia Teixeira said...

Thank you for the link Rianna, you mention some pretty good blogs! :)

Irene Palfy said...

Wow! Thank you Rianna for mentioning our series! Have a great Sunday!!

Rianna said...

Natalie: You're welcome! The picture was quite epic indeed. :)

Bette: You're welcome! Oh, and thanks - it was fun and I think I'll do it more often ;)

Craig: Me, too. You're welcome!

Maria: Oh you're welcome. :) I really loved the graphics. And yes, these are just a few of the blogs I love.

Irene: You're welcome, I think the series is really nice and for a good reason. You, too! :)

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