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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's My Line? Wednesday || Natalie Wood

I started this series earlier last month, but only today did I realize (in math class...) that I have pretty much negelected it.

So.. it's Wednesday... have yourself some WML? with Natalie Wood trying to fool the panel with a [pretty funny] Russian accent :)

"Are you something other than American?"
"Vell.. in my mind...yes..."

I should have a review for "Ava Gardner: Love is Nothing" by Lee Server sometime this week, by the way. (I finished it last night, and it proved to be.. an interesting read)... and I may have some Halloween themed posts coming up, too, so stay tuned for more interesting blogs. ;) 


StanwyckFan said...


Rianna said...

Hahaha, isn't it?? I love WML? Always funny and all the great stars! :)

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