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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Lucille Ball Autograph [Genuine]!


Actually, it came quite a few days ago and I've been desperately been wanting to blog about it, but I have been bogged down with so much homework and the like I haven't gotten the chance. But here it is, and I'm just so THRILLED!

Here's the little story of how I got it. About a week and a half ago or so, I was checking out one of my favorite Tumblrs when I came across a video featuring Lucie Arnaz explaining how she was planning to auction some of her parents memorabilia on eBay. I was excited but didn't get my hopes up because I presumed everything there was going to be completely out of my price range.

However, I decided to go look and get envious anyway. I was surprised to find that a "Lucille Ball household checking account card", which had her full autograph on it was $200. Reasonably priced for this kind of a thing and I liked the idea of paying for something that is more likely to be genuine (I mean, Lucie Arnaz was raised by Lucy, wasn't she, so let's assume she's not a fraud) then some random person selling a "Lucy autograph."

The thing is, even though I thought it would be in my means to purchase this, I was pretty sure someone else wanted to buy it, too, and with eBay and bidding and all... but you won't believe this; as we sat around waiting by the computer with only fifteen minutes left and finally put in the first bid for $201, NOBODY tried to bid against us. Nobody. We were the only ones, and so we got it for the minimum price of $200. I was... FLABBERGASTED, I tell you.

It is gorgeous, it is my new most prized possession. <3

Some more information:
  • her full name: Lucille Ball. After I Love Lucy she signed all her autographs "Love, Lucy" so ones with her full name is rare.
  • "Lucille Ball" printed on various places around it, as well as the address for Desilu Studios. 
  • It was signed in the 1950s, likely during the run of Lucy
  • It just feels seems super kind of awesome because it was something she TOUCHED and was actually something personal to HER and not someone else. I MEAN SHE TOUCHED IT! (Okay, I know I know that sounds pathetic but you know how much I love her).
  • It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Lucie Arnaz
  • It also comes with a black and white glossy of Lucy and Desi.
Here are the photos I took for you! I'm sorry if there are shadows on some of them. My lense quite long, which is SO annoying because it always casts a large shadow of itself over every photo; so I did the best I could.

It came in a glossy slip and folder. (Plus a lot of yellow tissue...)

Signed "Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill."

The back of the card:
("780 North Gower Street, Hollywood 38 Calif." is the address of Desilu Studios)

And here is the photo that came with it (so you can frame the two together).

I'm sorry the glare of the light is on it! :

Isn't it lovely????

I'm truly over the moon. It even smells old. I mean, you know, like old paper. If that makes any sense... Anyway, my first piece of memorabilia and I will literally cherish this till the day I die.

Before I go, two things: 1) In the last moment I thew my hat in the ring for The Scarlett Olive's "For the Boys" Blogathon, which is this weekend. And 2) This is so amazing and funny and awesome (the only thing that's off is number of followers; 200? Try 2 million! lol). Yeah, you don't know what I mean so just go and read it and have a fun time doing it! I simply ADORE it.

That's it for now :) 


PS: One more thing. They reopened the case of Natalie's death! I have been hoping they would do this, so I'm awful glad... Natalie may have some justice now, you know. I'll probably do a post on this later; there may be more details by then. 


Dani said...

Awesome indeed. I started an autograph collection last year, so I know how it feels to touch something that was held by your idol. I own a couple of Natalie Wood autographs and I felt exactly like you did when I got the first one and the excitement stayed with me as I received the second one; it's an amazing feeling. And to win an auction is also pretty exciting, isn't it? And the price you got is fantastic. You're very lucky and I'm happy for you :-)

Rianna said...

Thank you! Yeah, I hope this a start to a collection. I mean, to think that Lucy actually touched it just feels crazy. :) That's so awesome that you own not one but TWO Natalie autographs. Since I love Natalie so much I can imagine how it must feel to own them ;D. And I don't think I've ever won anything like that before so it was pretty cool. ;) Thanks again and here's to our growing collections!

Elisa said...

I am jealous!

envydizstud said...

Would you be willing to sell this? Please contact me at and let me know. Thanks!

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