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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Letter to the Stars. Or alternatively titled: Co-Hosting Yet ANOTHER Blogathon?

A Letter to the Stars Blogathon 

October 21 - 23 2012 

Wait, I'm co-hosting another blogathon? Wasn't it only a few months ago did I did this? No, it's not deja'vu, it's for real. You'd think I'd wait before throwing myself back into the blogathon pool again, but when one of my favorite people on here, Marcela, asked Nat and I to help her co-host her blogathon, how could I resist? Especially when it's such a particularly incredible idea.

One misfortunate of us Old Hollywood fans is that most of us will never get the oppertunity to write a gushy fan letter to our favorite star. I know  won't. (I did send a letter to Lauren Bacall for her birthday, however. But I'll never get to send fan mail to the other actress with the initials L.B. You know, the one that, to me, is the queen of everything. The one I worship to bits and pieces. Yeah, that girl.)

Okay, so here are the rules:
  1. Just leave a comment here and let us know you're going to be writing to. No dibs on stars, it's okay if someone's already taken who you wanted to do, you can do them too.
  2. The blogathon is taking place on October 21 - 23 (three days, three hosts. Get it?). All you have to do is, on the day you are assigned, write a letter to the star of your choice. It'd probably be a good idea to do your favorite, but hey, it's up to you. No hatemail, though okay? Just tell them why you love them, what are your favorite things about them, their favorite performances, even ask them questions I guess (though, if I were you, I would expect a response... okay, not funny). Anyways, any of the normal things you'd put into a fan letter, except you can't actually send it.
  3. Post your letter and email the link to
  4. That's it! As the blogathon draws near, you will be assigned a date and a host. For the most part, this worked pretty well for Nat and I last time... If you have conflicts with the date, scheduling can fix it, just so you all know. But let us know if you're having too much conflict anyways and we can fix it up!
There are more banners over at Marcela's post so GO and look! Any questions? You can ask me or Nat, but Marcela's probably the best to ask as it's her idea. (And what a fabulous one at that.) That's pretty much all. I guess you're all scratching your heads wondering who I'm going to write to. I'll leave you all in suspense, but I'll give you a clue: she has red hair and a husband with an accent. ;)


Marcela Costa :} said...

this post in why you're kind of the awesomest person on the internet. (the initial thing was the cutest thing in life) I have the best co-hosts ever!

Mythical Monkey said...

Sign me up -- I assume I will write to Jane Greer. I'm not officially requesting October 21st or anything, but the date does have a sort of sentimental appeal to me for personal reasons.

Evy said...

I've already said it on Marcela's blog, I may as well say this here: I'm in and I'll be writing to my beloved Bill. I was thinking about our Lucy, Rianna, but I figured that I've written such a poem for her birthday that it's only fair to talk to Bill this time :)

by the way, I'm having retakes at my Uni right now and thus I've been pretty busy, but as soon as I'm done with them, I shall read each and every of the posts I've missed. I miss you, too. So much. Hope you're doing okay <3

silverscreenings said...

Hello! This is a great idea for a blogathon. I'd love to write a letter to Thelma Ritter...and, if it's not too much trouble, may I have October 23?

Rianna said...

Marcela: Well, you dear, are literally the kindest person on here! :)

Mythical Monkey: I'm so sorry for getting back to you so late! Yes, we'll be putting you down for Jane Greer and you can most certainly post your entry on the 21st! :)

Evy: Yay, I'm so happy you're joining us. I can't wait to see what you write to Bill, it's going to be incredible I bet! Good luck with your retakes, dear, I miss you loads as well. I'm back to school but am doing pretty okay and I hope you are too. We'll have to catch up soon. xx

silverscreenings: Ooh, Thelma Ritter sounds fabulous! And we'll put you down for the 23rd as well. Thanks for joining!

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