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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"If you're a witch, where's your black hat and broom and why are you out when it isn't even Halloween?"

Happy Halloween!

I haven't been around much lately, so I thought I'd stop by and do a quick post wishing you all a happy Halloween! (That, and Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery happen to be a couple of my latest obsessions, so what's a better excuse than Halloween to bring them up?) When I was little and trick or treating, Halloween was my all time favorite holiday. It wasn't so much for the candy (though today I've already gone through my fair share of candy that's supposed to be for the trick or treaters), but I loved dressing up. Unfortunately, Halloween in my neighborhood has always been kind of a bummer. We barely get any trick or treaters because all the kids have grown up, and people don't so much bother to put a pumpkin out. And besides, though my area came out of the hurricane pretty much unscathed, I think all the rain put a damper on everyone's Halloween spirit.

Still, I remember fondly when October 31st was the pinnacle of the year, and there was nothing more fun than racing through the crisp autumn air wearing a costume and boasting a plastic pumpkin full of candy. ;)

Forgive my nostalgia, and I'm sorry that I haven't got anything particularly interesting or old movie related today, but I felt like I hadn't posted in a while and I just wanted to keep you all updated that yes, I am alive. (If you are in the mood to read something spectacular, there is a Halloween meme floating around - that I would have done if I knew more about vintage horror movies - and a blogathon about a horror film actor, I believe.) If you'd like, leave me comments and let me know how you all are, what you've been watching lately, and if you have plans to do NaNoWriMo!!?? (Nat talked me into it, I will probably fail due to the errendous amount of schoolwork I'll be burdening, but anyways, my username is: MissLucyRicardo. Feel free to add me.) 

That's it. And don't forget --


Natalie said...

Proudly talking you into NaNoWriMo since ... this year! ;) Happy Halloween! Must say my family never did much for Halloween, I've only dressed up once for Halloween in my whole life. :O Oh, and here's to your latest obsession. <3

Kate Gorman said...

I hope you had a great Halloween, Rianna! I also loved dressing up and eating sweets. Nowadays I stay at home, eat sweets, light my pumpkin and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride on DVD like I did last night.

PS. I love your blog, it's like it was made for me! :) xx

Marcela Costa :} said...

What's NaNoWriMo? Happy Halloween, dear!

LĂȘ said...

Bewitched was one of the shows that took me to Classic Hollywood world! When I was fourteen I watched a marathon and my grandpa had set the video to record a film and... he ended up with four Bewitched episodes in his tape! :)
Happy Halloween! I'd like to be part of NaNo WriMo if I wasn't sinking in college work.

Giselle said...

I love that pic at the bottom of the post! Bewitched has always been a favorite of mine. =)

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