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Thursday, July 28, 2011

And everywhere that Audrey went, the deer was sure to go...

Hello Friends! (Are you tired? Run-down? Listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular -- ok, sorry, sorry, I'm stopping!)

Before we start with a charming little story, I'd quickly like to remind everyone to please vote, vote, vote in the poll. The question is are you team Olivia or team Joan, and both sides need your support!

Now, with that out of the way, I have realized that in my past 13 posts, I have neglected a VIP and one of my favorite actresses... Audrey Hepburn!

So, are you ready, kids? It's storytelling time. This story is called -


Once upon a time in Old Hollywood land, there was an actress named Audrey Hepburn.

Like most of the other actresses, Audrey was sweet and pretty and good at her job. She was also very compassionate. In 1959, she made the movie "Green Mansions," a strange vehicle she did for the sake of her husband, Mel Ferrer, who happened to be the director. Co-starring was Anthony Perkins (who the author here does not remember for "Physco," because she has yet to see that film because she is afraid it is going to scare the heck out of her and she'll never be able to shower again, but that annoying little boy who is desperate to have a love affair with Ingy in "Goodbye, Again") and Lee J. Cobb ("12 Angry Men"). 

Audrey in a cowboy hat for the role. Yes, tis a strange film...

Shortly after the film, Audrey suffered a miscarriage. Loving children and having none - it would be a year before son Sean was born in 1960 - Audrey returned home to bed, feeling depressed and sullen. To cheer her up, Mel brought her back a surprise.

One can wonder what Audrey's reaction was when a little baby fawn came walking into her bedroom (at least, that's how the author imagines it - supposing that Mel would have some trouble gift wrapping it). 

It was a little deer, hot off the set of "Green Mansions." Audrey named it Pippin, calling it "Ip" for short, and it quickly became a playdate for her pet Yorkie, Mr. Famous. Ip was in love with Audrey and rose her spirits. They made a little bed for the deer out of a bathtub.

And so, it wasn't long before Ip and Audrey were sharing special moments together, like napping on the couch:

Or even going grocery shopping together! There's no doubt that Ip is trying to help Audrey out by searching for the expiration date in this next shot:

And, as all fairytales go, they lived happily ever after...


After all the reading I've done on Audrey, they never ONCE thought to mention Audrey's pet Ip! (That Donald Spoto...!) When I discovered the story, I was not only charmed by it but found another reason to love Audrey. I mean, come on - only Audrey would take a baby fawn into her home!

Here are some more pictures of Audrey with the beloved Pippin:

Taking a nap - that's Mr. Famous, the Yorkie, curled up in a ball at the edge of the couch

Playing in the yard - once again, Mr. Famous is tagging along

It's feeding time!! (And yep - there's Mr. Famous again)

Candid moments with Audrey and Ip

And I thought I'd share it with you all - because it'll put a smile on your face, and give you another reason to j'adore Audrey.

I'll leave you with one last picture...

Ip plants a kiss on Audrey



Mommy said...

I want a pet deer too....Awwww! Don't tell me to settle for the deer that walk in our yard in the middle of the night and eating all my plants. Plus don't let our Bobo, Mr. Humphery Bogart, our pet Chinchilla know that I was looking for another pet. Just as I am looking for another housekeeper.



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