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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrity Lookalikes. And why I hate Robert Wagner. and just rambling

When deciding what to write about today, I was kind of stuck. I had a lot of thoughts all clouded up into one, but I couldn't chose just which one to talk about. So, finally, I settled on a rambling post. It's been a while since I did one of those, so why the heck not?

You'll notice on my sidebar a new banner advertising the Film Noir Contest at Film Classics. I really hope you bloggers out there click the banner and decide to participate, because in the last contest there were only two competitors, and that makes it no fun, really. So... JOIN! JOIN! I like rivalry. ;)

Also, today is August 16th, which (drum roll please) marks the ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG! I can't believe it's already one month. This also marks exactly two weeks until I go back to school. Ew. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that I totally LOVE blogging and all of that, so I'll be doing it for many more anniversaries to come. I'm not quitting anytime soon. :)

So last night I watched "Splendor in the Grass" for the first time. (Yeah, it's a part of my box set). It was kind of weird, but I did enjoy it. Anyway, I won't get into it because I'm saving it for my Sunday Movie Review, so you'll just have to wait until then to hear my complete opinion.

Anyway, I guess this is kind of random, but I was just thinking about how I really like most actors from the Golden Era, and up into the 60's and a little bit farther... there isn't really one I "hate." And then I thought of Robert Wagner.

Yes, this is quite random. But i always talk about the actors I love, so why not talk about the ones I don't - not really?

It's not the fact that I hate Robert Wagner as an actor, because I haven't seen enough of his movies, or "Hart to Hart" or whatever, to judge that.  (And maybe hate is an eensy bit of a strong word.) It's because of what he did with Natalie Wood that makes me upset.

If you didn't know, Natalie and "RJ" were married twice. Once, in the early sixties, and then again from about 1972 to her death. He was with her that night on the boat - that night when she drowned. 

I'm not going to say he murdered her, but there's totally something fishy about the way he tells his side of the story. According to the book "Natasha" by Suzanne Finstad, he took about four hours to call the Coast Guard - four hours AFTER he noticed Natalie was missing. Apparently, he thought she "may have taken the dinghy out to the diner at the shore" or something. Natalie, who was terrified of water - especially water at night, dark water? Yeah, right!

Wagner will be back on the TV screens in the USA this fall with the new "Charlie's Angels" (I know, very disgusting). He voices Charlie.

It annoys me how he doesn't do much to keep Natalie's memory alive. She was such a Hollywood giant in her time, but today she doesn't have that legendary status that most movie stars (especially those died young) of Classic Hollywood hold. He could be doing a lot more. But he never talks about her death, and he never talks about her. Whenever he gives interviews, there is no mention of her whatsoever. It was like he wasn't even married to her.

Maybe he feels guilty - but that's evidence in itself, isn't it?

He's talking about his autobiography, "Pieces of My Heart" (HA! How clever) here. What annoys me is the way he glosses over Natalie's death: "She died, but life goes on." What the heck?

Well, yeah. I just wanted to say that. I happened to catch that video, and it annoyed me, so I thought I'd... talk about it here. I'm so random. Oh, well.

Also, last night when I was watching Warren Beatty, I got a great idea for an issue of celebrity lookalikes. I went all, "Doesn't Montgomery Clift look like Warren Beatty?" and my dad was, "WHAT? no way."

But I think so. So here's my lookalies, Montgomery and Warren included.

Montgomery Clift and Warren Beatty

Jean Simmons, Vivien Leigh, Hedy Lamarr, Elizabeth Taylor
seriously, these girls look SO alike. Jean, Vivien, and Hedy could be triplets and Elizabeth could be like, their little sister or something.

Anne Bancroft and This Chick Who Played Angelina in "Splendor in the Grass"

There was also this chick in "The Snake Pit" who looked a lot like her, but I couldn't find a picture of her.

Wow, this is a really random post. And really stupid...

Well, anyway, surprisingly I've got nothing left to ramble about... and this was probably a mindless post... and I don't blame you if you found this a waste of your time... and I promise something more substantial and worthwhile tomorrow. When I've got more brain energy.



StanwyckFan said...

I actually really liked these ramblings! :) And WOW those 4 girls look so much alike...creepy. ;) I'm glad to see you're excited about the FilmClassics contest. I'm super excited and I think I just found the movie to review... :)

Rianna said...

I'm glad you liked my ramblings, because reading back it's quite... quite a awful post, haha! I know, especially Jean and Vivien. You wouldn't know it until you put their two photos together. And I'm excited, too. ;D After we write the post, what do we do? Leave the link someplace on the site???

StanwyckFan said...

:) No, email the link to David (the FilmClassics guy) then on the 26th when he opens the voting he'll post links of all the entries. :)

Rianna said...

Ok! Thanks :)

Audrey said...

I've always thought Jean and Vivien looked a lot a like, too. Seriously all four of the could be sisters!

Rianna said...

I know, Jean and Vivien are likes twins, aren't they? I never realized how much they looked alike until one day when my dad and I were talking about movie stars that looked alike. He mentioned it and I didn't see it until I saw two photos together. I was surprised, lol!

Anonymous said...

Judy Geeson in To Sir With Love as a schoolgirl starring Sidney Poitier. She had a sex appeal and an attractiveness that all these old Hollywood stars lacked. She was not beautiful but she was nodern and oh so attractive.

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