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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day Five of Lucy's Birthday Bash: My Lucy Archive


Less than 24 hours.

So, today I'm just going to share with you some interesting articles about the redhead  that I have from my two "scrapbooks" about her (I wrote about them in my Day Two post)... these are not rare in any way, but I thought they'd just be sort of interesting to share with you for those of you who don't own the books... you know.

Of course, I haven't written ANY of this, don't own it, take no credit, etc. etc. Now with that out of the way, let's get started.


From my "Lucy-Desi" Scrapbook:

August 1911, in a section of birth notices. (Which newspaper, I am not sure of).
BALL - At Jamestown, N.Y, Aug. 6 1911, to Henry D. and Desiree Hunt Ball, 123 Stuart Avenue, a daughter.
Dancing School - Lucy and Desi become dance instructors (1940's)

(I made this so fantastically huge so you can try to read it... you may still have to squint. I'm sorry! But typing it all up would have taken quite a while...)

Movie Contracts Say 'No,' But Lucy and Desi Wed (December 1940)
When love has been laughing at locksmiths for centuries, what chance has an old Hollywood marriage clause got?
About equal to that of the snowball in perdition, i twas amply proved yesterday at the Byram River Beagle Club in Greenwich, Conn. by Lucille Ball, the film actress, and Desi Arnaz, Cuban dancer. 
They were married there by Justice Joseph J. O'Brien.
Just eight days ago, Miss Ball, who is 26 and a Butte, Montana native (ha! Both lies!) sighed at the Stork Club:
"Love? Of course it's love. Desi and I very much want to get married, but we have three year contracts with the same studio and both contracts have no marriage clauses, so..."
So they just went ahead and got married.
The bridgeroom, in fact, ducked his 12 o'clock show in the Roxy for the dash to Greenwich and they bought a ring in a 5-and-10 cent store.

Lucille Ball Sues Sgt. Desi Arnaz for Divorce (Summer of 1944)

An explosive romance formula - a redheaded woman and a fiery Latin - blew up yesterday when Lucille Ball filed suit for divorce against Staff-Sgt. Desi Arnaz.
 The "blast" rocked Hollywood as the titian tressed actress and her actor soldier husband were considered one of the film colony's most devoted couples.
"I can't believe it," said a friend of the couple. "I had a dinner date with them for tonight."
Filed in Superior Court by Atty. David Tannenbaum, the action charges extreme cruelty, but is barren of details. No community property was involved and they have no children.
Sgt. Arnaz, a Cuban, is serving in the special service office at the Army's Birmingham General Hospital near Van Nuys, but was not off duty yesterday and was unavailable for comment.
Miss Ball's attorney said that, 'We expect Sgt. Arnaz to waive his right to postpone trial of the suit until after he leaves the service.'
Married Nov. 30th, 1940 in Greenwich, Ct., they separated only last Wednesday, according to the complaint. It was the first marriage for each. 
 Notice for Lucy and Desi's rexchange of vows, 1949
 Lucille Ball will adopt Desi Arnaz' religion and they'll be married again in a church service. RKO, incidentally, ordered her to leave her bridegroom and fly back to Hollywood for work, and Desi, who is under contract to the same studio, is sizzling.
 Variety, 1950
Lucille Ball's bow out of "The Greatest Show on Earth" because of impending motherhood, "caused a number of repercussions in the DeMille production offices," Paramount flackery exhuded yesterday. "Thousands of dollars in costumes for Miss Ball may have to be discarded if her successor is a different size," the blubbery panted. "The script itself will be affected on certain portions which were written to suit Miss Ball's personality and acting technique." From Miss Ball's corner came this: "I was very excited over the opportunity of working for C.B, but there will be other times; at least, I hope so, and the baby is more important."
Hubby and Wife Together, At Last, Thanks to Video (plus other bits and pieces!) (1951)

Lucille Ball Tells Diet, Perfume, Voice, Hair Dyeing, and Complexion Secrets

(I know, I'm sorry - you probably can't read that...)

There are plenty more to share, but it would take forever to type up or scan them all! 

So, that's it.

ONE MORE DAY. LESS THAN 24 HOURS... until Lucytennial.

Just can't wait!!!!!!

PS: I bought a lot of books and DVDs to add to my Old Hollywood collection recently. I'm still waiting for some of them to come through the mail, but when Lucytenniel's over, I'll do a blog on it.


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