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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Four of Lucy's Birthday Bash: "Finding Lucy"

It's Day 4!

Lucytennial is so close I can just TASTE it!!!

This is my fourth day of blogging for Lucy, the birthday girl. On Day One, we discussed tributes and press releases in this news for Lucy's big 1-0-0- (read it here). After that, I shared with you reviews of my extensive Lucille Ball Book Collection (see here), and finally, yesterday the topic was Lucy's appearances on game shows (here).

Today's post will be a little shorter. I often watch biographies, and I've seen several of Lucy's. A few days ago I stumbled upon one I hadn't seen - "Finding Lucy," by American Masters. It is an incredible tribute to everyone's favorite redhead.

^^ This is part one

I think it did an excellent, excellent job of showing Lucy's life, and all her hardships, successes, marriage and divorce with Desi, and just the amazing person she was... It was beautifully filmed, with special little touches here and there that make it all the more wonderful to watch. It also has a great many special guest stars to take about Lucy, like:
  • Fran Drescher of "The Nanny"
  • Dean Martin
  • Madelyn Pugh Davis and Bob Carroll, Jr. ("I Love Lucy" writers)
  • Maury Thompson (family friend and involved with the production of "I Love Lucy")
  • Van Johnson
  • Edie Adams
  • Carol Burnett
It just really felt like a loving, warm tribute to Lucy. My very favorite part of all was a montage of Lucy's clips in the end, set to "My Funny Valentine," followed by excerpts of Lucy's eulogy, written and read by Diane Sawyer (entitled "Is There Laughter in Heaven?").  It was sooo moving.

^^ Last part, with "My Funny Valentine" bit at the end

Everyone who speaks has a lot of respect for her; the producers do not criticize her but praise her... they remind you of how wonderful she really was, and what an impact "I Love Lucy" made on the American public and just history in general. and I really got shivers down my spine watching the last part! So far, it is one of the best Lucy documentaries I have ever seen.

Here are some screencaps:

"TV Guide says the face of Lucille Ball has been seen by more people than the face of any human being who has ever lived... She reigned as the First Lady of Television for 35 years."
- 'Finding Lucy'

^^ From the "My Funny Valentine" montage.


It's really a loving, wonderful documentary... and so if you want to watch some Lucy related in honor of her birthday, this is a good thing to add to your lineup.

Well, that's all for today. Just two more days!


PS: As a good American citizen, i guess I find it my duty to wish our President a happy birthday... he turns 50 today. Happy Birthday!


Clara said...

Hey, thanks for sharing, I had no idea this doc even existed!!

Rianna said...

@ Clara - Yes, it's really great. You should see it! ... and by the way, I just had to mention, I LOVE your blog. It's so awesome!

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