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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Candid Camera (of sorts)

Bonjour, mon ami!

(Excuse my awful broken French). I was all giddy because over the last days, I found some really great Old Hollywood pictures! One of my favorite things ever is finding a great picture of an Old Hollywood star. I love finding rare or more candid photos, or photos of Classic Hollywood hanging out together (I think I've already expressed my love of awesome people spending time with awesome people). In fact, I'm not a fan of the more "general photos" -- you know, when you Google Image someone and the same particular photos all show up in the first page??? Even if these are good photos they're quite common and it gets tiring. Though candids are my favorite, I do like magazine photos, or posed photos, especially if it's LIFE magazine or something like that (I'm crazy about LIFE). I just like finding more rare, Classic Hollywood pictures versus the overused ones. ;)

^^ I hope some of that made sense. Anyway, I'm Vivien-Leigh-cat-smiling right now because I found a ton of great pictures and am here to share them with you all!! (Oh, and once again - a billion sorries that I couldn't tag everyone for this post, I only tagged the people with the most pictures / did not yet have a tag on this blog... Blogger can be a real pain sometimes!!)

Also, a quick reminder. The Film Noir Contest at closes in about a week. I'm currently in second place which is a lot better than I ever expected!!! If you have not voted yet, want to vote, liked my Anatomy of a Film Noir, etc. etc., you can vote here. Don't forget to check out the other reviews, because they are all wonderful! This ends on September 10th, so you have a week left to cast your votes if you already haven't.

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This is an amazing photo and I went crazy ecstatic when I found it - this is three of my favorite film stars in the SAME room: Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie Wood. Liz, Audrey, and Nat all together in a CANDID.  How crazily AMAZING IS THAT???

Bob and Ava  just chilling out together!

Bogie and Bacall. I really love the latter!

Gina and Rock :)

I'm sure everyone has seen this before, and I even had it as my Favicon for a while, but I cannot get over how thrillingly, chillingly amazing this one is!

I love this one of Joan -- she's sort of like,
"Did I do okay?"

Jane Russell just lounging around.

Lauren needs her coffee!!!! (From the Brown Derby, of course)

Best friends, Ava and Lana, in some really gorgeous dresses

Leslie and Shirley chatting together

Okay, is it just me, or does it look like Liz and Dick are on a merry-go-round? Either way, I find this photo quite cool. 

Marilyn and Betty pose for the camera at the premiere of "How To Marry a Millionaire"

Lauren, Bogie, and Marilyn

I love this photo, too. Marlon relaxes and types on his typewriter while his cat wraps himself around Marlon's neck ;)

Errolivia :)

I cannot get over how much I LOVE this photo. This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Natalie, ever.

This one, too. I also j'adore this one.

Sophia Loren speaking to a little girl. Pretty adorable :)

Natalie and Warren during their brief courtship

Vivien with her cat. I love this one, too ;)

Ingrid and Cary share a laugh - I love these two together!

I'm sure you've all this one before, but I don't care. It's amazing. Bette Davis doing her nails. Enough said.

More pet pictures! Bette with her dog.

Doris is just chilling out -- don't disturb!

Lucy pointing something out to Desi.


hehe. She looks so incredibly chic here :) I'm guessing this was during the run of "Wildcat," just after she'd divorced Desi.

Okay, I don't even know what they're doing here, but a candid photo of Lucy and Henry together is simply awesome enough for me to share :)

Before I sign off, I'd like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my last post! It looks like everyone's pretty happy with "WML?" becoming a segment and I can't wait to share more clips with you all. :) I'll also try and do more "Rianna Recasts" and "You know you're obsessed when..." which were also requested.

See you tomorrow with the Sunday Movie Review!


Audrey said...

I really love Natalie's dress in the first picture. The one of her kissing the bird is also really sweet. Oh, and that's an awesome candid of Cary and Ingrid. Don't you just want to hang out with them?

Great photos!

StanwyckFan said...

What? No Barbara Stanwyck?! Just kidding. I guess that's where I begin. ;) Really liked all these pictures you posted (I also become uncontrollably ecstatic when I find good classic Hollywood pics). :) I liked the Errolivia pic and the one of Bette doing her nails best. <3

Maria Sofia Teixeira said...

Oh, I adore them all! Especially the ones with animals, Brando and Taylor, love love love! And Lucy, she's just precious <3 Thank you for sharing these photos! :D

Rianna said...

@Audrey - I know, her dress is gorgeous, isn't it?? I absolutely adore the bird picture, and I know what you mean with Ingrid and Cary -- who WOULDN'T want to hang out with them? lol. ;)

@Natalie - Hahaha, sorries!! ;) I know, I think we both flip out over Classic Hollywood pictures... I'm glad you liked them :)

@Maria Sofia - I'm so happy you liked the photos :) The animals were adorable and I feel the same about Lucy, of course. You're welcome ;)

Martin Turnbull said...

Hi! I just discovered you from the Hollywood Revue and I'm glad I did. What a great bunch of photos - I've hardly seen any of them before. And even if I had--great photos are great photos no matter how many times you see them. Don't ever hesitate to share them on your website - I'll gobble them up! My fave of this bunch is "chic Lucy" - how wonderful she looks!

Rianna said...

Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures - the chic Lucy is indeed one of my favorites, too!

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