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Thursday, September 1, 2011

August in Review

I did this at the end of last month, but I didn't really have that many followers then so I guess this will be new to you all. ;) At the end of every month I choose the top ten highlights of that month in classic film or in my blog. August was an exciting, exciting month for me, mostly because my darling Lucy turned 100 and I had a party of my own celebrating it!

Before I get started, it's time to reveal the baby face from my post on Sunday. This little girl is actually.....

Ava Gardner!

Audrey (Fedoras and High Heels) was the first to guess and she got it right! Mostly, I was surprised that she figured it out so easily because when I first found the picture I was surprised because it didn't really look a thing like Ava. I showed the dad the photo and he couldn't figure it out either - in fact, he quite guessed everyone BUT Ava (He was onto Eva Marie Saint when I stopped him). But anyhow, Audrey did figure it out. Now that I look at the photo, I can see her smile is a little like Ava's, and the "drab" clothing may be attributed to her growing up kind of poor in a small town. But that's our Ava ;) lol.

I think it'll be fun to do another one in a future, but I plan to do it... I don't know... in a more organized way of sorts, I guess? And, I'll be sure to pick a harder picture. In fact, I already think I know who I'm going to do! ;)

Also, a heads up: I have joined yet another blogathon. Already, I'm going to be participating in the Fashion in Film blogathon (at The Hollywood Revue) and the Carole-tenniel[+3] blogathon (at Carole's number one blog, Carole and Co). Yesterday, I threw my hat into the ring for Sophie's (Waitin' On A Sunny Day) Darling Deborah Blogathon, for Deborah Kerr's 90th birthday this September. Sophie is one of the biggest Deborah fans, and I, too, often indulge in Deborah films and really enjoy it, so I'm happy to participate. The banner is now on my sidebar. I advise you other bloggers to join in the fun, too! 


  1. August 1st - August 5th, blogging for the the birthday girl, Lucy, in anticipation of her approaching 100th birthday! I blogged on these days solely about Lucy on different subjects, like how she is THEE game show queen and shared with you this beautiful documentary about my favorite redhead (among others).
  2. August 6th: THE BIG DAY ARRIVES!!! I wrote a humongous post for her filled with enormous birthday wishes. (Not to mention I totally flipped out at how the media reacted to her 100th birthday and how, at least for a few days, Lucy was everyplace - online and on TV.)
  3. The same day I also participated in my very first blogathon! "The Loving Lucy Blogathon", hosted by True Classics, was an exciting and great experience to be a part of. I was one of many blogs who blogged for Lucy, and it also got me a little more acquainted with the Classic Film Blogging Community. It was wonderful to see what everyone else wrote about Lucy and there were some really fascinating, beautiful posts -- just shows to give how much everyone loves Lucy!
  4. Also, my Lucy birthday tribute video goes up on Youtube and did pretty well!! I was extremely happy - not just because my video did well but more because the great amount of views it got proved that people love Lucy.
  5. Fast forwarding to a few weeks later, Meredith of Forever Classics tagged me for my first blog award, the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! (I was also tagged by Natalie and Clara -- many thanks to them all!!!) If that wasn't fabulous enough, I was also tagged with the Liebster Blog award by yet another great blogger, Craig of Blame Mame
  6. The latter events brought me a SURGE of lovely, new, awesome followers!!! Right after I recieved these awards, my followers, like doubled, which was amazing. Now I have over twenty more followers then I did at the start of the month. It's always so thrilling to get a new follower, and I appreciate it so much -- here's to 30!!!?
  7. I gave my blog a makeover. ;)
  8. I install a new weekly series, The Sunday Movie Review.
  9. I usually do a "worst movie of the month" and a "best movie of the month." I watched so many great movies this month ("Woman of the Year", "The Snake Pit", "Splendor in the Grass", "Now, Voyager"), and I couldn't possibly just pick one. As for the worst, I can't chose here, either. Yes, "Forever Darling", which I rewatched, wasn't the greatest but I couldn't possibly count it as my worst, either!
  10. As for the actors and actresses that sparked my interest most this month, I'd have to say (for the actresses) that it is a tie between Vivien Leigh and Bette Davis. I've been on a Bette high all summer long (in fact, I started my vacation with Bette and ended it with a Bette movie, as well), and really enjoying myself. I also think I've come to the conclusion that I'm Team Bette (but I most certainly don't hate Joan -- i just think I may like Bette better). Also, Vivien Leigh: I've really been enjoying her movies and just really liking her. As for the guys, I don't think there was really once consistent actor I watched all month long.

I run a couple segments here on Frankly, My Dear. The only weekly one is the Sunday Movie Review, but among others I've done:
  • "You know you're obsessed when..."
  • "Rianna Recasts"
  • A Movie in 10 Minutes
I also plan on starting a new segment called "What's My Line? Wednesday". It won't be weekly but this is just a heads up to be looking for my favorite WML? clips with Old Hollywood celebrities on some Wednesdays. I planned to throw it in yesterday, but yesterday's blog got way too long. So, though this will be for WEDNESDAYS, I  hope you don't mind me kicking it off on a Thursday. All further posts for this segment will really be on Wednesdays.

Before I head off (I have homework -- yuck!!!), I'd like to know, which segments of mine do you enjoy the most??? Out of those ones mentioned. Tell me what you want to see more of and I'll be happy to comply. I just want to get some "reader input" so I can better my blog to what you all like.

Here's your "WML? Wed" clip, that happens to be one day late. Sorries!!!

Roz Russell - This one is a total riot. Enjoy!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love WML?, so I'm pleased to read that you're bringing the show to your blog (another thing I really like).
I don't believe I'm familiar with the "Rianna Recasts" and "A movie in 10 minutes" segments, but I enjoyed the "You know you're obsessed when..." and the "Sunday movie review".
You're just full of great ideas and they make for a very entertaining read every time I visit this blog.
Keep up the good work and if you need help with your homework, give us a shout :) I'm sure your followers would be happy to help ;)

Rianna said...

I really love WML? too, and so I thought it would be fun to bring it into a more regular segment, so I can share all the clips!! ;)
Oops, I'm sorry! I knew I should have linked back to those segments, but I was feeling too lazy, lol. :) I have only done one of both of them, but Rianna Recasts is:
And a movie in ten minutes:
Thanks for the compliments and input! And thank you about the homework, too ;)

StanwyckFan said...

Oh, my goodness, I LOVE THAT WML? EPISODE WITH ROZ RUSSELL. Way too funny. And I loved your "Rianna Recasts" - I would try my hand at it, but I'd probably find a spot for my Stanwyck in everything and that could get dull. ;)
You just reminded me that I really need to watch some more Bette Davis movies...hmmm... Have a good night! :)

David said...

Wonderful Rianna! The mystery photograph is a very excellent idea - and I'm sure I wouldn't have guessed it to be Ava. Congrats to Audrey ;)

Love WML? Episodes, have already run through all of the ones I could see on youtube. Wish there was a place where you could buy them. Such beautiful gems.

Take care,

Brandie said...

Thanks once again for joining in the Lucy blogathon--your love for Lucy really shone through. We were so glad you decided to join in, because we were thus introduced to your wonderful site!

Rianna said...

@ Natalie - I know, I nearly laughed a lung out!!! "Are you a leading man?" I love how Roz just goes along with it ;) I'm glad you enjoyed Rianna Recasts and thanks for the input, I'll try and do more in the future as they come into my brain. You should totally see more Bette movies!!! She's just, like, awesome. She's Bette. ;)

@ David - Thank you, I enjoyed doing it and I think I'll do it again. I know, to me it was a total surprise that it was Ava. The WML? clips are treasures!

@ Brandie - Oh, your welcome! I loved doing it and you really made me feel quite welcome, especially since I'm such a new blog. I'll always remember my first blogathon! lol. Thanks so much! :)

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