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Monday, September 5, 2011

Here's Looking At You, Kid #1

Update: This edition of "Here's Looking at You, Kid" is now closed. See the results here and stay tuned for upcoming editions in which you can leave your guesses! :)

Okay.... it's time for the first organized "game" here on Frankly, My Dear! Alright, alright. I know I did the baby picture of Ava last week but.... this is more... organized. Yes. That's the word.

This is a game I used to play with my dad even before I started blogging; I would cut out an Old Hollywood's celebrity's eyes out of a picture and have my dad guess which celebrity it was. Now, I thought it would be fun to bring it to the blog. It is called, of course, "Here's looking at you, kid."

I have two pairs of eyes for you today. One is a woman and the other is a man. Here's the woman:

And the man's:

So, all you have to do is comment with your guesses! You can guess just the guy or the girl or both - it's up to you. All guesses are very much appreciated ;) and I'll reveal the face behind the eyes in a week or so. 

Of course, I found another amazing Old Hollywood picture. Yeah, I think I have an obsession.

Lucy and Judy Garland dancing - pretty awesome, hmm???

Also, the random-est tiny thing ticked me off the other day. Me being as random as I am, I think I'll write about it - it has to do with Old Hollywood anyway, and I'm pretty picky about this stuff! So I was reading this book called "Ingenue", which takes place in 1924 and is about flappers and mobsters and all that jazz. In one point in the book this magazine editor says, "...While every other writer gushes about Barbara Stanwyck's newest headband, my magazine's going to be digging deeper..." Of course, I, being a particular about Old Hollywood as I am, found something fishy in this statement. I was all, "What? Stany wasn't a 20's star." I did my research and figured out that Stany was born in 1907 and didn't make her film debut until 1927, as an extra or something, though this book takes place three years before. I rolled my eyes and  was all, "WELL, MRS. -INSERT WRITER'S NAME - DO YOUR RESEARCH NEXT TIME!" hmph. It was an awful book, anyway. ;)

Well, I probably wasted your time with that random little bit there, but I get rather protective of Classic Hollywood, you see. Anyway, be sure and leave me your guesses. 

Au revior, mon ami :) and happy labor day to those of us in the US!

(^^ More badly broken French. Rosetta Stone kills.)


Audrey said...

The first pair of eyes looks like it belongs to Olivia de Havilland. I am a little more unsure of the second. At first glance I thought it was Gary Cooper but now I am all but certain that it is Robert Taylor.

What a fun game! I love these types of things. :)

StanwyckFan said...

Olivia de Havilland is the lady I think. I also thought it was Coop or Bob Taylor. I'm not sure, it doesn't really look like Bob to me, but I'm probably crazy. ;) Lots of fun, hope to see more of these later on.

And those books with their way-off information. I find it rather hilarious that they don't even bother to know that little bit when they're writing a book.

Rianna said...

... My lips are sealed for now ;) Thanks for guessing, though! I'm glad you like the game, Audrey, I think I'll do more. :) And yes, Natalie, couldn't the author do her research? Fiddle dee dee. Lol.

David said...

Yes, I'll have to go with Olivia and Robert Taylor for this one ;)


Sally said...

Olivia de Havilland and Robert Taylor!!

Rianna said...

Thanks for your guesses!! :)

Martin Turnbull said...

I have no idea who those eyes belong to - I'm still looking at that photo of Judy dancing with Lucy! Where oh where did you find it?!?!?!

Rianna said...

The eyes were Olivia de Havilland and Gary Cooper. I'm glad you like the photo of Judy and Lucy, it's quite a gem, isn't it?? I snipped it out of a book called "My Judy Garland Life."

Martin Turnbull said...

A Judy fan friend of mine just told me that Judy and Lucy photo was taken in 1950 at the Mocambo during a Charleston dance contest. I'd love to have been at the Mocambo that night. Or ANY night!

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