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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Photo of the Day || Sophia Loren

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Today is Sophia Loren's 77th birthday. She is one of my favorites; so happy birthday, Sophia! I wasn't up to writing a full birthday post, though, and I think I already bombarded you with a bunch of birthday posts last week (they aren't kidding when they say September is the most popular birthday month!).

Also, rest in peace Dolores Hope -- who was Bob's wife from the time they were married in about 1934 to when he died in 2003. (Okay, shocker - I'm not a Bob Hope expert so I was surprised to find when I looked up his marriage dates on IMDb that he was born in England. Weird, I didn't know that! Hmm!) She was 102 and I hope lived a long, full, life. I'm sure she must have known Lucy, because Bob and Lucy were like, best friends and once I heard Lucy mention Dolores on an episode of "What's My Line?" quite affectionately.

ANYHOW, I'm in a little bit of a blogging rut so therefore all I have for you today is this. I'll hopefully have more interesting posts into the week and I think I'll have my review for "By Myself and Then Some" by Lauren Bacall sooner than I expected. Also, I have a bunch of blogathons to prepare for that are coming up towards the end of the month.

Until later! :)


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