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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's My Line? Wednesday || Errol Flynn

Is it just me... or does Errol look kind of out of it here? That's part of the reason I chose this WML?...tell me what you think. I also love how he signs his name with an exclamation mark at the end. :D

Tonight, tonight! Yeah, this is the last day to vote in the poll. One of the options is "West Side Story", and this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of it's release. In honor of that, TCM has the movie being re-shown in theaters around America tonight, but just for this one night. I would love to go and see it because you know, I've never actually watched a classic movie with a big group of people who appreciate and love it the way I do. One of the things on my bucket list is to go to California and see a classic movie in one of those old, palace theaters... there are a few that still exist! I think the experience would be awesome. But back to my point: Unfortunately, none of my nearby theaters are participating in this and even if they were: it's Wednesday, so you know I have homework. :/ But anyway, very cool that TCM is doing that! (Because, you know, I adore that movie). Back to the poll - this is the last night, thank you to whoever voted and I'll discuss the results, why I did the poll, etc. later this week.

Okay... big exciting news... I won a Lucy autograph! The autograph will be coming in the mail this weekend, and I plan to do a post about it then so I won't get into it too much right now. But I'm SOO excited, and I have pretty valid points to believe it's genuine (for starters, this was auctioned by her daughter, Lucie) - and I'm really over the moon, but I don't think it will feel physically literal for me until I hold it in my hands.  Then I'll probably flip for real. <3

Lastly, Happy Birthday, Hedy Lamarr! I think I have only seen one or two of her movies, but you know, anyone who had beauty AND brains deserves birthday wishes. Well, actually, I like to think that about everyone from Classic Hollywood, but I guess I am incredibly biased. :)

Oh... and I just learned it's Dorothy Dandridge's birthday today as well. The first African American to be nominated for a Best Actress Award - I think she died quite young, too, in the early sixties or so. Don't know much about her but makes me want to learn more! I tell you, Classic Hollywood NEVER ceases to amaze me. ♥


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