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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Great Recasting Update [IMPORTANT for participants]


Before I get into the update, I want to make a very quick announcement/apology. You might be aware of the fact that I missed the movie review I was supposed to post last Sunday. I apologize for missing it. I also want to announce that the SMR will not return this Sunday, either, but the following Sunday after what will be by then a month long hiatus. I don't want to spam you with posts in the following days, and I don't want to make conflicts with the Fri-Sat blogathon. Also, within this next week I'm going to be making some dramatic changes to the interface of this blog. Lucy's birthday celebration will also begin at the beginning of August...So SMR won't be back for another two weeks.

That being said, I'll get on with the update for the blogathon. Nat, who I'm co-hosting with, did a similar post on her blog so I'm crossing my fingers that between both of our posts you will be aware of which day to post on.

As I said: this is a two day blogathon and we have split the list of thirty-four participants between the both of us. I'm hosting Friday, the 27th, and Nat is taking Saturday, the 28th. We have assigned each participant a date. If this date doesn't work for you, let us know as soon as possible so we can fix it. (Bear in mind conflicts can also be fixed with scheduling). Comments on this post or Nat's are greatly appreciated to let us know if your date will work. If not, we'll be assuming your assigned date works for you! :)


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The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World
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The Hollywood Revue
Film-Classics (Bailey and Dan)
A Person in the Dark
Film Flare
(L)Azzy Blog
Best of the Past
No More Popcorn 
The Great Movie Project
Cinematic Katzenjammer
Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob 
Eternity of a Dream 

Defiant Success

Those that are being hosted by me can start leaving their links on this post or my own entry when it comes up on Friday. The same applies to those being hosed by Nat, except you should leave links on HER blog. If this is confusing to you in anyway please let us know.

Okay, that's it. Once again: all comments with a thumbs up are helpful because we know if you saw this post or not. If you have any questions, complaints, need to switch the date, ANYTHING, please comment now. Or forever hold your peace. 

All of that being said, Nat and I are super super excited and we hope everything's going to work out fantastic! :D


Unknown said...

Saw it! Will make sure to stop by In the Mood and drop the link when the time comes. :)

Unknown said... will be my link. It should pop up Friday night. - The Great Movie Project/Avatar

Sophie said...

*thumbs up* ;D

VP81955 said...

Don't anticipate any problems with writing it for Friday. This will give me something to do Thursday night when I get home from work (other than watching my Washington Nationals, of course).

LĂȘ said...

Hi, Rianna! Here's mine:
I'm very anxious to read all the posts!

Lasso The Movies said...

I've got the post ready to go. The link will be Thanks so much, and looking forward to reading all the posts.

Laura said...

Just finished mine! Would you like me to post it now and link here, or wait till tomorrow and link to your post tomorrow?

VP81955 said...

Here it is...the Carole Lombard version of "Housesitter":

Kristen said...

Here's my link, goes live midnight Pacific on the 27th!

Laura said...

All right, here's Val Lewton's Dark Shadows up and running on my blog:

Thanks again, you two! Wonderful idea, tons of fun to write.

Rich said...

Here you go:

Many thanks.

Emma said...

Hey, here is my contribution to the blogathon:

I cant wait to see everyone elses.

Mythical Monkey said...

Part One of my contribution to the blogathon is here:

Sophie said...

Here's my contribution:

Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful blogathon. I really enjoyed taking part and I hope you do something similar in the future! Maybe you could make it an annual thing? :D

Cliff Aliperti said...

Hi Rianna, I just emailed but thought it might be good to post here too. I switched my Wall Street post from my Warren William site to Immortal Ephemera (though it still stars Warren William!) and just posted, here:

Thank you again and my apologies for my tardiness and the unannounced venue change.

Perfect Number 6 said...

I'm a little late, but I'm here! My (still in progress) entry is here:

I'm recasting There's Something About Mary. Thanks for hosting this blogathon, so much fun!!

Perfect Number 6 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lesya said...

I'm a little late, too. I thought that we can post our version on either blogathon day though. Anyway, here's my recasting of Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Thanks for hosting this!

Nick said... Finally finished mine. The Princess Bride. Along with old actors to recast I also made recasted the movie for a remake (God forbid).

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